twelve by 2012 :: a project of goals

right now, this blog seems to be all about goals and i am totally okay with that.

because right now, my life is all about goals and i am loving it.

my thirty-five life list project is well under way, and i have crossed many things off that list that i haven't shared yet. i will share in time. i look forward to sharing my stories, but right now i am spending my time pursuing these goals with vigor. i am getting out there and seeking to live life to the fullest.

so why (when i already have a list of 35 goals to achieve before my 35th birthday on august 5) have i decided to take on a new challenge?

well... one of my favorite blogs to visit is danni's oh, hello friend blog. when she invited friends to participate in her "twelve by 2012" project of goals, i loved the idea.

after several days of thinking (because that's just how i am), i have created a list of 12 goals to achieve before the end of the year.

several of these goals are also on my 35 list, so this project will give me a little push to get some of those items crossed off my list sooner.

i have also added a few new goals. some of them were considered for my 35 list, but didn't make the cut. i haven't been able to get them off my mind, so i am excited to have a new reason to pursue them.

so thanks, danni, for the inspiration. here's my list ::

  • walk/run/bike at least 100 miles
  • participate in winter market sponsored by the community farmers market
  • complete a gratitude project
  • clean out the closets and prepare clothes to sell or donate
  • mail handmade cards to at least 5 people
  • make a handmade gift or treat for each person on my christmas list
  • run a 5k and/or participate in a family walk with the kids
  • read at least 3 books
  • create 3 new canvas collages
  • find an opportunity to give generously or perform a few small random acts of kindness
  • go on a photo scavenger hunt with the kids
  • define my values and goals for the future and live with a plan in mind


list three :: seven reasons why today was an awesome day

  • i crocheted two hats and started on a third one.
  • the weather was perfect for wearing my favorite new sweater.
  • i had this conversation with noah :: he told me he wanted to leave the playground and go play in the grass. "by yourself?" i asked. "i'm not alone. i have my imagination," he replied. best statement ever. oh how i love that kid.
  • noah held my hand as we crossed the parking lot. 
  • and he found a heart-shaped rock.
  • after dinner we enjoyed a campfire and s'mores.
  • it is sunday night and instead of dreading going back to work tomorrow, i am looking forward to spending fall break with my kids.