list four :: favorite things about 2011

  • getting married 
  • losing nearly 20 pounds
  • learning to love tomatoes 
  • judging a junior miss pageant
  • hugging and kissing my kiddos as much as possible
  • creating a list of goals to accomplish before my 35th birthday
  • finding a sweet little shop in which to sell my artwork
  • exhibiting my artwork in 4 locations simultaneously
  • reading lots and lots of books
  • walking a half-marathon
  • running a 5k

2011 was a very good year.

2012 will be even better.


twelve by 2012 :: a project of goals

right now, this blog seems to be all about goals and i am totally okay with that.

because right now, my life is all about goals and i am loving it.

my thirty-five life list project is well under way, and i have crossed many things off that list that i haven't shared yet. i will share in time. i look forward to sharing my stories, but right now i am spending my time pursuing these goals with vigor. i am getting out there and seeking to live life to the fullest.

so why (when i already have a list of 35 goals to achieve before my 35th birthday on august 5) have i decided to take on a new challenge?

well... one of my favorite blogs to visit is danni's oh, hello friend blog. when she invited friends to participate in her "twelve by 2012" project of goals, i loved the idea.

after several days of thinking (because that's just how i am), i have created a list of 12 goals to achieve before the end of the year.

several of these goals are also on my 35 list, so this project will give me a little push to get some of those items crossed off my list sooner.

i have also added a few new goals. some of them were considered for my 35 list, but didn't make the cut. i haven't been able to get them off my mind, so i am excited to have a new reason to pursue them.

so thanks, danni, for the inspiration. here's my list ::

  • walk/run/bike at least 100 miles
  • participate in winter market sponsored by the community farmers market
  • complete a gratitude project
  • clean out the closets and prepare clothes to sell or donate
  • mail handmade cards to at least 5 people
  • make a handmade gift or treat for each person on my christmas list
  • run a 5k and/or participate in a family walk with the kids
  • read at least 3 books
  • create 3 new canvas collages
  • find an opportunity to give generously or perform a few small random acts of kindness
  • go on a photo scavenger hunt with the kids
  • define my values and goals for the future and live with a plan in mind


list three :: seven reasons why today was an awesome day

  • i crocheted two hats and started on a third one.
  • the weather was perfect for wearing my favorite new sweater.
  • i had this conversation with noah :: he told me he wanted to leave the playground and go play in the grass. "by yourself?" i asked. "i'm not alone. i have my imagination," he replied. best statement ever. oh how i love that kid.
  • noah held my hand as we crossed the parking lot. 
  • and he found a heart-shaped rock.
  • after dinner we enjoyed a campfire and s'mores.
  • it is sunday night and instead of dreading going back to work tomorrow, i am looking forward to spending fall break with my kids. 

  • 9.23.2011

    list two :: my favorite things about fall

    first day of fall... happy day. fall is, of course, my favorite time of the year. so many things to do, so many places to go, so many treats to enjoy, so many pretty colors. in kentucky, it typically goes from too hot to too cold, too fast. but this year we have been blessed with an early fall and i couldn't be happier about the comforting chill in the air.

    my fall faves...

    • visits to jackson's orchard
    • apple cider slushes
    • fall-scented candles :: pumpkin caramel latte, salty caramel, apple crumble, marshmallow fireside
    • wearing sweaters
    • cooler temperatures
    • changing leaves
    • hay rides
    • pumpkin patches
    • caramel apples
    • pumpkin spice lattes
    • campfires & s'mores
    • sweet potato casserole
    • curling up under my fave crochet afghan
    • fall colors :: pumpkin, mustard, crimson, eggplant, espresso


    list one :: things i'll miss most about summer

    it's no secret that summer is not my favorite season. even though my heart belongs to fall, there are a few things i'll miss when the weather turns cooler...

  • saturday morning trips to the farmer's market
  • garden-fresh tomatoes
  • peaches from jackson's orchard
  • ice cream & a moovie at chaney's dairy barn
  • longer days and abundant sunshine

  • 9.11.2011

    progress report

    books read :: 3
    the help by kathryn stockett
    the particular sadness of lemon cake by aimee bender
    run like a girl by mina samuels

    currently reading ::
    life of pi by yann martel
    art saves by jenny doh

    slowly learning how to knit, but putting it on the back burner until i stock up on crocheted goods for winter market

    made ::
    3 crochet hats
    crochet market bag
    4 vintage paper canvases (previously works in progress)

    called lara to ask for advice about a problem nadiya was having at school. problem solved :)

    did something for the first time... will share the story soon.

    exciting local art opportunities... will share the story soon.

    miles traveled :: 88

    bonus ::  falling in love with photography again... thanks to instagram.

    some photos from the weekend  ::



    each new year is a fount of endless possibility. a chance for a fresh start. a new perspective. 

    for me, birthdays are the same. last month, in the days leading up to my birthday, i contemplated, i listed, i edited... examining what is truly important to me. what makes me who i am and who i want to be.

    the result is a list of thirty-five :: thirty-five things i want to do or accomplish before my 35th birthday.

    this list is an accountability partner. it gently nudges me toward my goals while encouraging me to enjoy the journey. to love the life i live.

    this list is about stretching myself... creatively, socially, physically, and intellectually. this list is about being a better wife, mother, friend, artist, writer, athlete, and citizen. a better me. the best me.

    the list ::

    1:: read 35 books
    2:: try 35 new recipes
    3:: learn how to knit
    4:: finish hexagon afghan
    5:: walk half-marathon
    6:: run 5k or 10k race
    7:: find a doctor
    8:: sell at least one piece of artwork
    9:: have a yard sale
    10:: eat mushrooms
    11:: take the kids to mammoth cave
    12:: make 35 things
    13:: print and frame wedding photos
    14:: grow an herb garden
    15:: have lunch or dinner with an old friend
    16:: take the kids to the zoo
    17:: sell or donate all the clothes we don't wear
    18:: call a friend at least once a month
    19:: attend a concert or play
    20:: seek out local art opportunities
    21:: complete a "week in the life" project
    22:: send handmade cards to at least 5 people
    23:: give nutwood studio a facelift
    24:: be an educated vegetarian for a week
    25:: plant a vegetable garden
    26:: write a short story or a book for children
    27:: advocate for something that is important to me
    28:: find an opportunity to volunteer
    29:: do something for the first time
    30:: write 35 lists
    31:: thank someone to whom i have not expressed proper gratitude
    32:: learn how to use my garmin
    33:: walk/run/bike at least 500 miles
    34:: attend a conference, workshop, convention or class
    35:: submit a project, article, or story for a contest or publication

    my journey has begun.