the list ::

1:: read 35 books
2:: try 35 new recipes
3:: learn how to knit
4:: finish hexagon afghan
5:: walk half-marathon
6:: run 5k or 10k race
7:: find a doctor
8:: sell at least one piece of artwork
9:: have a yard sale
10:: eat mushrooms
11:: take the kids to mammoth cave
12:: make 35 things
13:: print and frame wedding photos
14:: grow an herb garden
15:: have lunch or dinner with an old friend
16:: take the kids to the zoo
17:: sell or donate all the clothes we don't wear
18:: call a friend at least once a month
19:: attend a concert or play
20:: seek out local art opportunities
21:: complete a "week in the life" project
22:: send handmade cards to at least 5 people
23:: give nutwood studio a facelift
24:: be an educated vegetarian for a week
25:: plant a vegetable garden
26:: write a short story or a book for children
27:: advocate for something that is important to me
28:: find an opportunity to volunteer
29:: do something for the first time
30:: write 35 lists
31:: thank someone to whom i have not expressed proper gratitude
32:: learn how to use my garmin
33:: walk/run/bike at least 500 miles
34:: attend a conference, workshop, convention or class
35:: submit a project, article, or story for a contest or publication

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