list four :: favorite things about 2011

  • getting married 
  • losing nearly 20 pounds
  • learning to love tomatoes 
  • judging a junior miss pageant
  • hugging and kissing my kiddos as much as possible
  • creating a list of goals to accomplish before my 35th birthday
  • finding a sweet little shop in which to sell my artwork
  • exhibiting my artwork in 4 locations simultaneously
  • reading lots and lots of books
  • walking a half-marathon
  • running a 5k

2011 was a very good year.

2012 will be even better.


  1. a fantastic list. :)
    happy new year!

  2. Great list. So glad to see you have posted again! Would you consider selling anything online? I would love to see some of your artwork and such. Please share what you did to lose the weight. I need to lose some lbs too and would appreciate some insight/ motivation on what worked for you.

  3. great list scarlet! i have about 20 pounds on my list to lose this year...i'd also love to hear what worked for you! and congrats on having your creations in a boutique...wish i could see them in person! (i loved your etsy listing...i still regret not getting one of your scarves!)